Salone del Mobile

salone del mobile greenery

Freshly carried back by bus from Milano, your Interior Design blogger returns with a site report, composed after browsing the booths at the Salone del Mobile, the design world’s biggest to date exhibition, all 200,000 m2 of it! After ricocheting from Classic furniture to Euroluce to Workplace 3.0 to Salone Satellite, I needed to sit…

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The End of the World at Pecci

juliana pecci

UFO. Onion. These are the very deliberate descriptors used to characterise the Pecci Museum. Built originally in the 1980s by an Italian architect named Italo Gamberini, it was at the time the biggest contemporary art museum in Italy. Two years ago the museum made more of an effort to connect with the city of Florence…

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Architecture and Community in Bologna

by Petia Stoykova Maintaining an awareness of our surroundings is especially important in the work of a designer because it helps us orient ourselves in the world. We found out about different approaches to understanding and handling space during a field trip to Bologna, where we explored the architectural studio of Mario Cucinella and the…

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Interior Design meets Fashion

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for creatives from different fields to work together? Luckily, LdM is big on an interdisciplinary approach to learning. So when the students of Interior Design were asked to redesign the school’s Fashion Department, it was an opportunity welcomed by all. Even though, or maybe because, it is one…

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Secret design of Palazzo Vecchio

Can a tour of Palazzo Vecchio provide us with insight about interior design? Turns out it definitely can and those of us who participated in the tour of the building’s many hidden passages and secret rooms can attest to having discovered an unexpected thing or two about the changing needs and mentalities of urban dwellers….

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Florence within the Studio

Written by: Petia Stoykova LdM Interior Design major   ————————————————– In coming to Florence, I had to prepare in many ways. The last few days before my flight were the most hectic in getting my suitcase ready as well as saying the last good- byes with loved ones. It was hard to mentally prepare myself,…

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