Alessandro Capellaro, an expert dream-weaver in architecture

Alessandro Capellaro ‘s work has been published on Elle Decor magazine of Feb 2010


Alessandro Capellaro is primarily an architect: charter member of “Studio q-bic”, but he also teaches “Creative Processes in Visual Communication” al LdM.

The keywords of his acting as an architect are: integration of different languages and contemporary spaces in historical contexts.

He says:  “ I love objects and their history, how they may fill and change a space. That’s the way I conceive my house”.

His house was originally a carpentry workshop. He enlarged it eliminating walls and creating big windows. He used 300 old wooden boxes (ancient ballot boxes he bought to an auction) to furnish it, together with colorful objects, vintage lamps and things made by himself.

His aim was to live in a sort of temporary accommodation, a space easy to move.

His objects keep their personality and harmoniously give shape to another reality in which they tie old threads with new ones and tell new stories.

written by frontdesk SL7+Donatella