Andrew James "Acutone"


'acutone', a variation on reebok's 'easytone' sneaker, designed by andrew carson james

Andrew James, an LdM Interior Design student from Fall 2010, has created a variation of Reebok’s “easytone” snickers named Acutone.

concept sketches,diagrams and rendersThis prototype is designed to integrate acurpressure and increased toning capabilities into the shoes and it’s a variation of Reebok’s ‘easytones’ sneaker that features Reebok’s ‘moving air’ technology, in which the movement of air through different layers of material create instability for the foot. Although the effect is not consciously observable, it strengthens and tones muscles that have to work to stay balanced.

In Andrew’s model, massaging nodes protrude through the shoe’s base layer to stimulate a circle  of acupressure points in the sole of the foot. The layer can be removed to increase the user’s sensation of the moving air.
diagram of the points of contact of the nodes in the soleThe nodes are concentrated around the balls of the feet, an area which in acupressure corresponds to the lungs, and which is often the site of fatigue.

Based on a stretchable neoprene booty, Andrew’s ‘acutone’ avoids the need for shoelaces: its upper portion is wrapped in toning compression bands, while the entire exterior is covered in mesh to facilitate the exchange of air.

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