CAD for Interior Design I

 INT 190 F; Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 90 This course introduces students to the use of the computer for interior design, as a drawing tool and an important management tool in the process of developing a project. The course also introduces students to the use of computer aided drawings for interior design. Computer graphics concepts and theory are presented through lectures and hands-on experience. Topics include bitmap versus vector graphics, color theory and management, graphics file formats, and 2D applications as they relate to design disciplines. The concepts and techniques of creating, viewing, and manipulating technical drawings will be examined. Through the generation of plans, sections and elevation, students develop an in-depth understanding of the design process as a collaboration of different matters. The course will use as software AutoDesk AutoCAD in 2005 release.

Prereq: skills in technical representation of objects and knowledge of the basic rules of drawing.