Florence within the Studio


Written by: Petia Stoykova
LdM Interior Design major



In coming to Florence, I had to prepare in many ways. The last few days before my flight were the most hectic in getting my suitcase ready as well as saying the last good- byes with loved ones. It was hard to mentally prepare myself, since there is no way to know for sure what to expect. So, naturally, starting off my college experience at LdM Florence, I was extremely excited in exploring something new but also a little hesitant. As a student of Florence, I was most eager in getting my bachelor’s in Interior Design amongst the greatest masters of art and in a city that is so dense in history.


Starting off the semester in anticipation with my first class being, of course, one for my interior design major, Perspective Drawing and Rendering. As I opened the big wooden double doors leading into my interior design studio a rush of excitement passed over me. SAM_4090_blogI climbed up the two flights of stairs and was immediately greeted by the two secretaries. I walked in and chose a seat near the window. Our Professor Silvia Bisconti gave us instructions on drawing and describing various materials through different mediums. Throughout our time within the studio we would practice drawing as our first assignment. We started with the way a material reacts to light as well as the way a shape of an object changes depending on the light. As I was intently focusing on my project, my mind would be drawn to the chatter and conversations of the locals down below on Piazza San Lorenzo. It was like we were part of the life below. SAM_4078_blogAs my five-hour class drew on, it started getting late and dark outside and exhaustion was thoroughly felt throughout room. Unexpectedly we hear music that started to play in the Piazza. This is something common in Florence: musicians come to popular piazzas and restaurants singing with their accordions, hoping to get a tip from a few tourists. All of a sudden the energy in the room was renewed and the time flew by. The life of the city was felt within the studio. As my lectures continue in San Lorenzo, this constant mingling with the city below has become a habit. This studio naturally interacts with the environment outside and creates an ambiance that cannot be felt anywhere else within the city.


As the city became my soundtrack, I notice how my visits to the studio are getting more and more frequent, not because I have to be there, but because I have started to enjoy spending my time there. I began to see how the place where I focus best for any assignment or obligation is my interior design studio. I really look forward to the next chance I get to work in the studio!