int 250 interior design

2 exercise: electrical project of a house in the center of florence+ lighting schedule (selection of lamps)

apartment plan.dwg

example of a schedule.pdf

mid term project

10 oct homework: 1 perspective and update the rest of drawings

3 oct homework: update plans, 4 sections, furniture and materials selection
26 sept homework: update presentation, keywords+interior solutions, plans+2 sections
19 sept brain storming stacy, nicole, fernanda, violeta, daniel, miros, kimberley

-flavourless, horrible, not functional, no sign, visible installation, small, stairs lot of space and closed, hot terrace, no style, no concept

– great view, good potential, comfortable, esclusive

presentation of: the client / how is a contemporary department storey  / target client of the bar / show the good-bad elements on a view (plan, pictures, sketches) of the bar / layout -zoning / five key words

presentazione progetto.pdf



1 exercise

hand in: monday 12 september 2011

Propose two solutions for the apartment in via dell’Ariento, explained in class.

solution 1) minimal, to spend the minimum of money and create a house to stay once a while, easy to sell in case the client doesn’t want it anymore.

solution 2) create a comfortable ‘home’ for a business man who is travelling around the world, this will the only home that he will have.

each solution should be with one plan scale 1:50 and 2 perspective sketches free hand

plan scale 1:50.pdf