int 269 public space design sez 102 prof donatella caruso

text book

suggested book is available San Lorenzo Library

A. Aymonino, Contemporary Public Space: Un-Volumetric Architecture, Skira, 2006

1 lesson -ex1: guerrilla parking +handout: ‘look at me I am crying’ ; handout ‘foreword to Contemporary public Space’

2 lessonsketchbook: sketches of sections and plans of 1) via del moro 2) piazza santa maria novella 3) piazza rucellai 4) piazza strozzi 5) piazza della repubblica + handout ‘urban space’ r.krier +handout ‘urban space’ r. krier +handout ‘le forme del linguaggio’  for lesson 2 slides clik here

3 lessonsketchbook: 1) analysis of piazza ss. annunziata; 2) analysis of piazza del cestello e pescaia di santa rosa, presentation of examples of areas close to rivers, how to organize a pedestrian area; handout: vitruvius ‘ten books on architecture’; handout: c. sitte ‘city planning’; for lesson 3 slides click here

4 lesson – sketchbook: 1) elaborate 2 conceptual proposal for the site, for lesson 4 slides click here

9 lesson – visit to the project site- sketchbook: 1) site analysis of the project site + presentation: of two examples of green project + project: first ideas and layout. FOR THE DWG PLAN CLICK HERE bagno a ripoli.dwg