Interior Design meets Fashion

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for creatives from different fields to work together? Luckily, LdM is big on an interdisciplinary approach to learning. So when the students of Interior Design were asked to redesign the school’s Fashion Department, it was an opportunity welcomed by all. Even though, or maybe because, it is one of the biggest and fastest growing departments at LdM today, it needs a clear, long-term strategy for space organization.

During their field survey, under the expert tutelage of Prof. Donatella Caruso, the students talked at length with the professors, staff and students at the Fashion Department in order to find out what problems they needed to address in their design proposals. The students concluded that three main areas required special attention.



How to reconcile the need for tranquility necessary in the theoretical courses with the constant humdrum of the practical ones? How to channel these different workflows without separating or limiting them? How to preserve the openness of the vast studios, which facilitates creative exchanges and fosters a sense of community, whilst allowing a greater sense of privacy?


From basic supplies such as pins and threads, through a vast array of equipment (ranging from dress forms to knitting machines), to students’ works (varying in form and size from garments to visual merchandising displays) – how can all this material be stored in a way that is easy to understand, access and keep in order? How to reconcile efficient storage solutions with the need for vast working spaces?


How to preserve and display the architectural elements of the 14th century cloister, where the Fashion Department has its premises, sharing a wall with one of the most beautiful depictions of the Last Supper in Italy? How to give a distinct visual identity to the department without losing sight of the historic context of its premises?

The students will try to find tangible solutions to these, and many other, challenges. Their projects will be presented at the end of term, when we will have the chance to see where their creativity has taken them – stay tuned!