Interior Design

INT 250 F; Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 90 Starting from the survey of an existing place and learning how to present it through drawings (plants, sections, elevations), the student will deal with the solution of a given project in its entirety from marketing through the identification of targets to the solution of technical problems and layout. The project will consider the functional and the aesthetic aspects, trying to formulate a good solution and present it in the appropriate way. The project process starts with the visit or explanation of the area. In class the students will examine and discuss some examples of finished projects and focus on the main elements and aspects of the project theme. The project will be composed of a general layout and inspiration board, plans, elevations, sections, perspective drawings and sketches. Each project will be presented in class during the exam day; all the presentations will be colored and integrated with images, photos, materials.

Prereq: Introduction to Interior Design or equivalent.

Interior Design_s09_Denia Lorena Navarro Garcés2

Denia Lorena Navarro Garcas “House with a pool” in INTERIOR DESIGN class

Interior Design_s09_Hana Snablova10


Hana Snablova “Sea Bar” in INTERIOR DESIGN class