Mario Cucinella Architects special lesson for our LdM students


On February 23 the class of Sustainable Architecture by Prof. Andrea Parigi visited the office “Mario Cucinella Architects” with 10 students.

The architect Alberto Bruno explained a couple of very interesting projects:

The Nido d’infanzia Guastalla (

and the Kuwait School in Gaza (

Two projects in which the attention towards sustainability and innovation of the architectonic language merges in one effort. Two projects with very different budgets but a similar love for excellence. Following this presentation there was a very stimulating meeting between the LDM/Marist students and the post graduate School of Sustainability inside MCA. SOS students explained about a research project on sustainable urbanism in the area of Messina/Reggio Calabria. LDM students instead explained about the microhouse project they are working on in order to develop an ecovillage in Piazza delle Cure, Florence.