My First Week at FERRAGAMO´S Architecture Department

Article written by Ann Djupa swedish BPS graduated student at Marist/Ldm college

So this day had finally come. It felt a bit unreal that I actually was going to work today; my first work after having graduated with a B.P.S. degree in Interior Design and Architecture from Marist-LDM. I was so excited. There were many thoughts coming into my mind; how is it going to be like? am I prepared enough? Probably this is a question that everyone asks themselves when you are about to enter the working life. But actually I was mostly just curious about everything.


Ann Djupa with Matteo Morbidi, Alberico Saracino, Serena Montoneri, Massimo Volonte, Sofia Crescioli, Emanuela Giovannini
Ann Djupa with Matteo Morbidi, Alberico Saracino, Serena Montoneri, Massimo Volonte, Sofia Crescioli, Emanuela Giovannini

 Then I was on my way, and the bus dropped me of just outside work in the west part of Florence. Ferragamo’s main building appeared behind the bushes and here I was; exhilarated as a seven year old child at the first day in school, with the eager to know how the first day turns out to be with all new impressions, the people, the projects and so on, and I knew that there was no point in being concerned since I cannot do more than my best, and just be myself.

Arch. Serena Montoneri, Ann Djupa, Arch. Matteo Morbidi
Arch. Serena Montoneri, Ann Djupa, Arch. Matteo Morbidi

When I arrived at 9 am I first met with Elisa Crociani from the staff department, and she was the one to show me to the architecture office where I now was going to spend most of my time from Monday to Friday. The door opened, and there were curious faces everywhere saying “ciao ciao!”, and I introduced myself to everyone. The only person I had met before was the main architect Massimo Volonte, who arrived later in the afternoon, so at this time all faces were new.

 Architect Alberico Saracino was the one that showed me to my desk, helped me to start up my computer and explained what I could begin with. Everyone in the office was so kind and helpful. During the first day I was studying a huge book full of technical AutoCAD drawings with all the furnishing that they use for different projects, so I would get familiar with the design, materials and concept for all Ferragamo stores. I was also watching photos from their stores in different countries, and compared the interior with the drawings that I had observed, and to better understand the common network on the computers I was locating different information from different folders.




When I was on my way home I felt happy and satisfied and a bit relieved from how I had experienced the first day. Everyone was very easy going and acted so nice to me, and also regarding the way they work and the interesting projects I was absolutely sure that this is going to be a great work experience.

Next day on the way to work I was perhaps a little bit more relaxed, and felt just curious to learn more about all the things. I started to look around at the projects the others were working on, and they informed me how they are divided into different continents like: The U.S, Asia and Europe, and continuously during a day people were calling from different parts of the world.

In the morning I prepared some lists in Excel of the furnishing that they use for outlet stores, which was good since I in that way learned the terms of the different furniture. Later in the afternoon I did some adjustments in AutoCAD of a plan-drawing of a store, and another project I got was to change the rendering of the lighting of a façade of one of the stores in China. 

The day after I went on with the project of the façade with one rendering at daytime and another one at night, where the light and shadows appeared totally different, and after some Photoshop work the result became very nice. On Thursday I finished the adjustments of the façade, and got another project to improve 6 renderings of an exhibition stand in France.  

The week passed by very fast, according the expression; “the time is flying when you´re having fun”, and now it was already Friday and my fifth day at work. I finished the last rendering in the evening before I left the office. I really enjoyed all these days and on the way home I summarized the week and felt very happy and satisfied and highly esteemed to have got this possibility to work for such a great and world famous company as Salvatore Ferragamo.

Ann Djupa