Plexiglas factory in tuscan countryside

Fri, Nov 7 the class of Principles of Interior and Prodcut Design went to visit ‘I&S acrylic processing’ a factory that produces mainly plexiglass and other plastic objects.
As many other Italian companies the peculiarity of this factory is to be deeply rooted in the tradition and expertize of craftmanship that allows their products to be highly competitive in the international market. In fact every project is approached by studing the best and most effective solutions and techniques, the production then is obtained by not only the use of the most updated digital or technical processes but also through crafted processes that are necessary to either finish or manifacturing at a hightest standard of quality.
The I&S company is located half an hour train out of Florence, near the river Arno and surrounded by the famous landscape of Tuscan countryside. This is just one of the aspects that contributes to make this field trips particolarly enjoyable.
A great chance we had to visit a company that currently works for the biggest names of fashion design, museums, cinema and banks, has been to see in the last part of the production process a structure designed to be placed this month in Barcelona, Spain at the German Pavillion designed by the modern architect Mies van der Rohe in 1929.
A huge transparent spiral structure we could walk in between. What an emotion!
Some picture was taken to illustrate it.
Giovanna Mattera