Poltronova: furniture competition


monday 14 april 2008 Roberta Meloni (Poltronova) and Katia Romano (Ldm)

Katia Romano organized a competition in her class of Furniture Design. The final judment was given with the help of Roberta Meloni, Poltronova president. The class presented their projects, starting from the inspiration forms ending with the technical drawings. All the projects were concerning the design of a furniture made of one or more pieces, organic or geometrical, that could be composed in different ways to form chairs or tables passing through bookshelves.

All the proposals were interesting but the attention of our guest fall ont the project of Luis Daniel Faz, from Mexico. His project is a “snake” composed by rectangles of solid material tied toghether with a yellow string. The “snake” can be moved and assumes different shapes.


1epol_ridotta.jpg 2cpol_ridotta.jpg 1apol_ridotta.jpg

Poltronova will build a prototype of the Daniel’s project.

Thank you Roberta for your wonderful partecipation, and as the students said, for the opportunity your firm gave to Ldm Design Farm!