Principles of Interior and Product Design

 INT 170 F; Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 45 Paolo Fossati, an Italian expert of industrial design, stated: “Design means to create a strict connection between ideation and production.” Giovanni Klaus Koenig claimed that “design is like a bat; half is a bird and half is a rat.” Taking as a starting point these two statements (the first strictly formal, the second perceptive and witty) the aim of this course is to understand the term “industrial design” but, above all else, the phenomenon which we, as modern human beings, experience daily, even if unconsciously. The design of objects destined to be manufactured by industries should have an essential quality of art. Although it is difficult to clearly define “art”, we will learn that the designer’s work is applied not only to the study of techniques, types of materials, assembling and all the problems concerning serial production and so on, but also, and most importantly, to their formal and artistic values. During the course, the aesthetic, cultural, philosophical and technical elements of the subject will be redefined through lectures and exercises. The teaching method is based on the concept of interactive lessons developed with slide lectures, readings, field trips to stores, exercises of basic design and discussions. The lessons will also focus on the history of design, Italian production and semiotics. The course deals with the subject of design in a wider perspective which includes product design, industrial design and interior design.