Prof De Stefano is award winning


We are proud to announce that the Museum “Marineria di Cesenatico” has won the important national prize “Marenostrum 2009” by the Italian Archeoclub, thanks to 3d animated videos part of the section “Sezione a terra” and especially for the video “Andare al terzo” where are described the typical manoeuvres of a sailing boat, and the “la vita segreta delle reti” which is showing the functioning of the net under water. Both two videos were produced and made by a company specialized in 3d animation and video 3DSIGN of florence, held by the architect Giovanni De Stefano, our cad I, cad II and 3d computer rendering professor

 3D SIGN has a long experience in museal and didactic video, in architectural rendering, with an important specialization in nautical video.