Projects in parallel with TCU

The 6th of April TCU and LdM Interior Design Departments have exchanged some students’ projects presentations.

Alina Santarelli _ Luceplan booth
Alina Santarelli _ Luceplan booth

Class of  Exhibit Design Prof Donatella Caruso

Concept Statement: Design a trade fair booth for an italian lighting company Luceplan

Inspiration: Sahpe the volumes to create a city, hide the lamps so that the spectator has to discover them, simplicity, cleaneness.

Allison Wood - game table paper
Allison Wood - game table paper

Class of Furniture Design Prof Katia Romano

Concept statement: to design a game table for one or multiple games and it must also contain a storage

Inspiration: by a rolling and tugging a paper then letting it takes its natural shape

Diana Rodriguez _ Camper in the Plaza
Diana Rodriguez _ Camper in the Plaza

Class of Concepts and strategies of design Prof Giuseppe Bartolini

Concept statement: nomade shop for Camper

Inspiration: the world upside down, not like what you see, imagine the unimaginable, exhibition area with mirror to reflect the sky,  letters forming the word camper used as seats, a tree as shoes display


Sang Il Na _
Sang Il Na _ Birdboxlight

Class of Product Design Prof Andrea Parigi

Concept statement: design a light, using plastic sheet.
The plastic sheet can be easily cut and folded. It is semitransparent and the light can pass through.

Inspiration: I wanted to design a sentimental light, using this plastic sheet by folding and tucking, I was inspired from a bird box (a birdhouse)
I made a bird box using the sheet, and then I put the light inside.
So now the bird box has turned to a light. Moreover, I wanted a real bird to live inside