Retail Design

INT 300 F; Cr: 3; Contact hrs: 90 This course is structured to help students develop awareness of the importance of graphic arts in design and execution of presentations and promotions for consumer merchandise. This course is intended to teach the students the different aspects of the professional approach to the design of shops and showrooms. Students will learn to design complete layouts and how to represent them through drawings (plans, sections, elevations, etc.). During the semester different projects will be developed on retail shops. Students will carry out personal research on existing projects similar to the one they have to design in class in order to explore retail design and to develop personal sensitivity in creating project atmosphere. The project will consider functional and aesthetic aspects, trying to formulate a good solution and to present it in an appropriate way. NOTE: available to Professional Study Certificates and B.A./B.P.S. Florence Campus students; other students must take an entrance test. Prereq: Interior Design or equivalent.


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