River Space Design: Which possible approaches?


The lecture aimed to explore river space design possible visions. In the first part will be introduced arch. Ilaria Rondina’s Master Degree thesis project “Islands into the stream. City fragments drifting from Baltic to Black Sea and beyond” an ancient waterway regeneration through a programmatic floating architectural network and then will be focused on some case studies from the micro to the macro scale. Starting from Islands as floating independent units migrating inside the city, to Floating Communities and how to live on the water, to Waterfront cultural and leisure projects examples. Will be also presented some River Infrastructure projects that deal on difficult accessibility to the river as well as Riverbanks projects and how to design according to the morphology or the lackness of the riverbank. The lecture ended up with some River Art ephemeral installations ideas to look at the river not only as a place of transit but also as place of contemplation and imagination.

Ilaria Rondina graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano in 2012. Interested in urban regeneration and contamination between arts,  collected experiences in Spain, Morocco, Istanbul, Norway. She is part of Giaguaro Architetti team to keep investigating in a possible realization of the thesis project, as an open research process.