The art is in the street #2

Saturday the 10th of may the second edition of the LdM art contest “the art is in the street” was on display. The interior design department partecipated with almost 35 projects of beginners, intermediate and advanced classes in the category of DESIGN with the departments of: Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Photography and Graphic Design.

All the art works were exposed inside the market of san lorenzo in a nice close cooperation with the bussiness people of the area.

A special jury has been named, and on saturday at 3.30 pm in LdM church the winners has been revealed.

To see the full list of winner go to LdM web site.

BRAVI all but especially Daniel, Hugo, Katia and Franco

The interior design department won:

2 prize_Luis Daniel Faz Islas, “Jacob’s Ladder”, class of Furniture Design, prof Katia Romano

3 prize_Joel Hugo Guerrero Ruiz, “The parking lot tour”, class of Display Design, prof Franco Pisani

Some moments of the setting up and jury’s examination.