Daytimer: the new Alessi Watch by Alsop+Grazzini

Federico Grazzini, who currently runs two courses within the ID department of LdM Florence (Design Materials, Modern History of ID and Architecture), has completed his design for a wrist watch produced by the italian manufacturer Alessi, internationally renown for its design tableware.
The design was worked out in collaboration with his long time friend, colleague and design partner Will Alsop.


The licensing project was realised with Seiko Japan. This is an excerpt of the product description:

Daytimer is formed of Alsop’s vision of objects in the world.
We see it present in the landscape; it has landed in the universe of objects, naturally, effortlessly.
It has a smart, adaptable, docile form, which encases its technological core while at the same time it is ironic and natural.
Although apparently clumsy, it wraps complacently round the wearer’s wrist, presenting the owner with its 3D display; the OLED screen conveniently turning towards its owner and wanting to play.
Daytimer wants to be owned by its wearer, although inevitably it will attract the attention of others. It polygonises a human wrist. It loves humans and wants to be close to them. Or part of them.

The watch has hit the stores at the beginning of September, and is available in a range of five colors: Black-Red-Purple-Green-White (limited edition). The body and strap are in polyurethane, the button operated display uses the new OLED (organic based led’s) technology.

alessi black group Daytimer alt2