Tori Tschopp and her Spiral Modular Funrniture

Tori Tschopp is an intelligent, elegant, sophisticated and versatile woman. She has been a careful student of our LdM Institute in the BA LdM Marist Program.
She is full of passion for anything she does. Her self awareness pushes her to improve day by day her way of approaching life.
She pays attention to the quick changes which characterize our society.
We are truly proud of her and of her “Spiral Modular Furniture”, which she designed during Spring2010 at LdM and which was published in in June.

Spiral Modular Furniture

Spiral Modular Furniture is an attempt to recognize and mute the cold effect of modular furniture by the use of a spiral structure. The design has been inspired by spiral structures occurring in nature, which display the characteristics of flexibility and innate strength at the same time.
Tori has come up with a seating arrangement by placing blue silk cushions on the spring head. The structure actually provides a comfortable seating, very similar to the bouncy feel of the spring mattresses. The spring allows these modules to be easily interconnected with each other creating a vast expanse of spiral objects.
With your imagination and perspective, you could land up creating seating units of various shapes by placing the assembled pieces horizontally. You may also place the unit vertically to serve as a screen or room divider or arrange the modules to form a table base of your choice.

Brava Tori!