Ann Djupa interviews Nese Yavuz about her internship


Nese Yavuz in Arcabi Associates office (from left Aldo Cappa Marchello, Nese Yavuz, Antonio Frecentese, Elisabetta Grassi and Ilaria Sassolini )


Ann Djupa, swedish BPS graduated student at LdM/Marist, interviews Nese Yavuz, architect from Turkey, who is taking the last year of LDM-Marist BPS degree in Interior Design and started a training period at ARCABI ASSOCIATES in Florence.  


  1. How long have you been studying at LDM and when do you finish?

 I have been studying one and a half year in total here in Florence. After the first year I received a professional study certificate in Interior Design and then I transferred to Marist College to complete and get a BA degree in the same major. I have two more semesters, and will graduate in December 2009.   


Nese Yavuz at her desk
Nese Yavuz at her desk

  1. What and where have you been studying before?

 I have been studying Architecture Engineering in Istanbul for four years in total, and I graduated in 2006. While I was studying in Istanbul I have been involved in many international activities and workshops regarding architectural design in different countries such as Belgium and France. With this experience and today’s globalized society I realized the importance of the English language, why I have spent longer periods in England and the USA for educational purposes.


  1. Why did you choose to study in Florence, Italy? How do you find the Italian language?

 I knew that Florence was good regarding design and architecture studies, and Italy is similar to Turkey as a Mediterranean country like for instance the weather, people and food etc. I studied Italian for one semester but of course that is not enough, I find it still hard with the Italian language since we are just speaking English in school. But after I started the internship I have improved my Italian skills a bit more.

My colleagues at ARCABI ASSOCIATES speak both English and Italian with me, in general I don’t have any problems with understanding Italian, and it is also better for me the more I hear it.



  1. You are now having an internship; How come you have an internship, where is it, and how long have you been there? How often are you there?

 I was first having an internship in another architectural company in the beginning of last summer. Then I met with an architect who is working for ARCABI ASSOCIATES and she asked for my CV and if I would be interested of an internship in this studio, so it was there it all started.


The company is in Florence close to the centre, and I started a training period there from the middle of October last year which means that I have been at ARCABI ASSOCIATES for four months now, and I am working three days a week.  


  1. What kind of Architect Company is it? What are they doing and what are you working with when you are there? Are you doing different things now compared to in the beginning? What do you personally prefer to do, and are you working in group or more independent?

 ARCABI ASSOCIATES is both an Interior and Architectural design company, and they are collaborating with famous companies such as Versace and, in the past, other famous Italian brands like Ferragamo, Malo etc.



From the beginning I was not as much involved into the projects as I am now. In general I am assisting with renderings, Autocad drawings and some Photoshop work. Sometimes I am even helping them structuring layouts in for instance the software InDesign. I both enjoy interior and architectural design and like a lot to work in Autocad, both 2d and 3d. I also like Photoshop which is quite necessary for the presentation part of the project. The main architects decide everything about the projects, and give tasks to us and ask sometimes for our opinions while we are drawing it in Autocad or taking renderings.  


  1. How does a normal day looks like when you are going to work?

 Ok first, I could never imagine that it would be that stressful but I guess that is just the way it is in this branch. So a normal day starts around 9 in the morning, if I have a project from the day before I just go on with that one. Otherwise I ask the architects how I can help them, or sometimes they directly come to me and ask for help. The studio has two floors and is separated into five parts. Everyone has their own table and own computer, and they are using a common server to be able to share information. I also have a desk and use my own laptop which I am used to. Normally we have a lunch break around 13.30 when all are leaving for one hour. Usually I am going with some others to a place in the nearness. A normal day should finish at 18.30 but sometimes when there are some special deadlines it is possible to stay until very late.  


  1. Is it tough to work at the same time as you are studying?

 Sometimes when it is very busy in school with exams and homework it is hard to find the time to study as much as I feel is necessary. But in general it is fine to combine studies with the internship.    


  1. Do you find the internship important for your degree?

 Yes, I find it very important because I am learning how everything works in business life. In the school the projects are more abstract and more free, since you are not considering anything according costs, real clients and materials in the same way as in the real life. In other words the internship is very helpful since I am learning how things works in the reality. And I’m working with very good and talented architects in ARCABI ASSOCIATES which is a great advantage for me.


Thank you Nese for letting us know about your experiences, and good luck with everything.   

Thank you ARCABI ASSOCIATES to let Nese be with you


Ann Djupa


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