well done jonas!

our psc student 2007 jonas bengtsson has finished to design a caffè bar in gothenburg, sweden.

directly from his mail:

“Ciao Tutti!
Another summer has passed and I hope that it has been a wonderful summer for all of you, for me it has mostly been work. I got the chance to be more responsible of some of our projects which means that I don´t have to just draw but I also has to get everything together with contacting contractors, order material and products. The last project that we did was to redecorate a wine bar/restaurant in Gothenburg called Etc. The owner share my great passion for movies from the 50:s, especially movies from or about Italy so that was our red line through the project. The wine bar is pretty small and has a lot of regular customers so we decided to keep a low profile but with a modern touch and after being there and listening to the regulars it seems like we did a great job.

Le mancho un casino!
/ Jonas

jonas we are waiting for your next visit in florence.