Wonder that knows no bounds: Milano Design Week

by Petia Stoykova


Design Week always brings a major crowd to Milan, the design capital of Italy. It is a brilliant week that allows designers to connect in many different ways; with established designers observing the present components of the design world, newcomers showcasing their new collections, and aspiring designers searching for inspiration.

The flow of the city merges with the traffic of creativity in three main design districts: Brera, Ventura Lambrate, and Tortona, which is home to the famous Via Tortona. But there are no pre-established limits to what can be found in the city during this most exciting time. The city becomes a gallery of curiosity, and regular spaces are transformed into surreal environments.

This year, I was able to not only observe, but also to participate in the excitement of this much-anticipated event. As an intern at Centro Studi Poltronova, I had the opportunity to witness the hours of meticulous preparation for the studio’s first exhibit at Design Week since 2000.

The exhibit, Domestic Icons, was located in Zona Navigli, which is near the Tortona Design District. The company reintroduced radical designs in an abstract blank space, allowing for the exhibited objects to be the focal point. Poltronova successfully managed to combine the past, present, and future in the exhibit, mainiting the original identity and radical ideas of Poltronova, while reinstating the projects as valid contemporary pieces. I was lucky enough to meet the designers of such pieces as Superonda or Sofo Sofa, which I had studied for the past 2 years as an interior design student!

Living in Florence while studying for my degree in design, I have been able to experience Italy’s world of design first-hand. Visiting the Design Week has helped me see just how fast the design world is growing.

Design Week is about wonder that knows no bounds, and I’d say that visiting it at least once in a lifetime is a must for any designer.


Photo courtesy of Centro Studi Poltronova

Petia Stoykova


Petia Stoykova is working towards her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design as a full time student at Marist-LdM in Florence. Apart from blogging, she also interns at Centro Studi Poltronova, an iconic Italian design studio. After graduation, she hopes to work for an established design firm.